Pinpoint your own True North and discover your Navigational Archetype.


If you have a desire to explore the uncharted depths of your creative dreams, to connect with your heart, to find out what is truly possible and you are ready to…

Play bigger, shine your light and share your voice!

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Do you want to create from your heart and live a life that feels authentic and in alignment with who you are and who you are becoming? Does the possibility of living a self-defined Epic Life feel like a “hell, yeah”? Do you want to contribute and to feel that what you are doing has significance and meaning? If you answered “yes” to any of that, I want you to know this is what I am all about!

I have been blessed with gathering and guiding global communities of women who change the world! They are empowered to do so because they gained the clarity, confidence and courage to take their leap and believe in themselves enough to make their creative dreams and soul callings a reality.  They listen and lead from their hearts.

And, I know in my bones that you, too, were meant to shine your light and change the world!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Chinese Proverb

So, I created this tool to help you step in the right direction.

The True North Assessment will give you brave-hearted entrepreneurs and soul-driven women the clarity and foundations you need to:

  • Define your unique strengths.
  • Discover what best supports your success.
  • Figure out what has been holding you back.
  • Know what your best next step will be.

Take the quiz now and get the GPS coordinates that actually set you on your way! Maybe you are still figuring out exactly what you are meant to be doing?  Feeling out what this calling in your heart is all about?   Discovering what your next step to playing bigger feels like?  And, that is a great place to be! It is the willingness to stretch and find out that separates you from the rest. No one else can contribute what you were uniquely given to share with the world in this lifetime.

It is, however, up to you to step into the light with your gifts and abilities and heed the calling of your heart. And, it is also up to you whether you choose to leap, baby step or stay put.

But, the world is waiting!

This is where we break through the barriers that are keeping you playing small and holding you back. This is where we reset the GPS, fill your tank, turn the volume up on courage and set your feminine creative powers on high!!

Is there a story inside you waiting to be told?

If you know it, if you feel it on a soul-deep level, and are ready to bring it to life, click here.

If the challenges and obligations of life have left you completely disconnected from your soul’s purpose, if you are doubting you even have one, definitely click here.

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Time is fleeting. Fall in love with your life. Leave a beautiful legacy.

Make it EPIC.

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