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“When you set out to create your EPIC life, you come to a new and deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. You will never be the same. Feel the same or think the same. It’s like emerging from the chrysalis.”
-Tia Kelly

If you landed here, then you know you are ready.

I want to commend you for your beautiful self-awareness and your desire to expand your spirit and life. I already know this about you because you are peeking around this page. You have been whispered to. Your heart is telling you that you have immense value to offer the world. If you are a woman on a mission, whether that mission is to change the world, to change your career or to change yourself, you are in the right place.

There is something stunning that happens when a woman steps into the highest manifestation of herself. She feels free. She inspires others to shine. She makes waves and moves mountains. The people around her stand up taller. Her soul feels… at home.

As your coach, mentor, friend and confidante, I will partner with you to take those dreams and aspirations that have been whispered to your heart and help you to make them real. Consider me your fearless guide and your biggest cheerleader as you set out to create your EPIC life.

This is your time. Pack your bags and let’s go!

Epic Sisterhood Mastermind

The doors are closing soon for Tia’s one and only 4-month Mastermind Course this year.
Find out how you can join 20 women on a journey of clarity, creation, courage and confidence-building to make your leap and step into a life that was designed for you by you!


This option is best for women who want to connect with me personally but take the lead and create exactly what they want in their own lives. It is for women who are ready to stop wasting time and playing small. In one-on-one coaching your results happen as fast as you are willing to implement and be with the work. I will help you come to your next best decisions and commit to what you say you want. Although I will be here to listen, guide and hold space for your ideas and dreams, this is a lesson in trusting yourself on a core level. You will learn to listen and act on your intuition, to heed the signs and signals that are being given to you daily. You will feel empowered as the CEO of your life! I am here to ask the tough questions, give you the space to find your best answers and to share tools and practices that will create clarity, more joy and a sense of ease in your life. And, you will be amazed at how quickly your life will start to shift!

If this path feels like one that you would like to explore further please reach out to me by clicking here. You will be given the space and the answers to come to your own decision

The EPIC Life Expansion Retreat

There is a deeper work that can be achieved when two people come face-to-face. This is your personal invitation to my home in sunny California. Together we will share delicious organic vegan meals, a spa excursion and a personalized deep meditation journey. You will also receive a Petal Process healing and a Mala jewelry making experience, where you get to choose your healing, precious stones and create your own one-of-a-kind piece, imbedding it with your epic intention for your life.

You will also have the opportunity to spend 4 hours basking in the limelight for your own insight photo shoot. I have spent many years shooting professionally; my ability to capture women’s true inner and outer beauty through photography is a gift that I would love to share with you. You will leave your retreat with a set of stunning photos that can be used for your website, business, promotional use or just for you to cherish.

We will close our time together with a one day Life Mapping Intensive.

During this intensive, we dive deep into your ideal life aspirations and map out your next-step strategies for reshaping your reality. By the end of the retreat you will:

  • Have cleared the blocks that have kept you from fully stepping into who you are meant to be
  • Understand exactly how to tap into your Source and intuition at all times for guidance and serenity
  • Be newly, deeply connected to your identity and your soul, giving you a new understanding of your personal truth
  • Have a clear and focused understanding of your purpose on this earth
  • Be armed with a concise, strategic map that clearly illustrates how you will go from where you are to where you are destined to be

Investment: $4,725

By Application Only

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GlobalHave you ever dreamed of going on a pilgrimage? How about one that leads you directly to the center of your heart and soul?

This is the experience of those who take the EPIC Journey– an 8-day adventure to a far off land that will reveal to you your strengths, your passions, your resiliency and your purpose on this earth. Together we will move through the experience, incorporating intense one-on-one Life Mapping while giving back to the cause of girls’ education and empowerment. For eight days, we will be partners in charting the course of your life as we travel to beautiful parts of the world and immerse in the experience of awakening!

There is no deeper journey than one that allows you to change the lives of others while at the same time, radically shifting your own.

Those who experience an EPIC Journey return to their lives with a newfound enthusiasm, inspiration, clarity and a laser focused action plan for transforming their reality.

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By Application only

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