There is a major shift happening! Women all over the world are realizing that they hold the power to create! Something we have always known but somehow had forgotten; that this Epic creative feminine power can be utilized to give life to anything we set our hearts to! I believe that you and I are here on purpose. That our paths are crossing for a reason and that you were meant to create an extraordinary reality. Your EPIC life begins right here.

About Tia Kelly

Tia is an ICF (International Coach Federation) professionally trained life coach, and the cofounder of a nonprofit initiative called Global Sorority. She is also the co-creator of a documentary film series about what it is like to be a girl in the far reaches of the globe and proving that their leadership will change the world. Her passion is to empower and inspire women to be the creators of their very own Epic life stories. She contests that women hold the power to shape a better world through positive, collaborative leadership. This, she believes, must start by women becoming strong leaders of their own lives.

“When you find your passion and purpose, when you stop being afraid to be seen and heard, when you find your authentic voice and step into your power as a woman there will be no stopping you!”

I was born in a small village in India, on the floor of a stone house in the middle of the night, with no running water or electricity and a missing midwife. I came into the world with an adventurous start to life and just kept running with the theme! I like to tell people when they ask me where I am from, that I hold an Indian birth certificate, an Irish passport, an American green card and a French bulldog. I have traveled and lived in many countries but I spend much of the year in Southern California with my soul-mate and our two dogs. My mission and my calling in this life is to guide women to design Epic empowered lives of purpose and meaning of their own.

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